60 min


Dissolve yeast in water and mix into the flour and salt. Leave the batter refrigerated until next day.

Add a little more water if the batter has thickened overnight. The batter should be the thick consistency of a waffle batter.

Heat a large frying pan and pour in the batter 0.5 cm deep. Injera only needs to be cooked on one side and is done when the batter has set on the top and has a nice colour on the underside.

Lift out of the pan and cool on a rack. Continue until all the batter is used up.

Recipe and photo used with permission from Matprat.no. Photo: Mari Svenningsen. 

This recipe was not included  in the “Food isn’t just food” project, but we’re suggesting it as an extra option.


To serve 12

  • 0.5 pk fresh yeast
  • 1 litre water
  • 500 g plain (wheat) flour
  • 500 g barley flour
  • 1 tsp salt

Nutritional value per serving/per 100 g


284 kcal/168 kcal


56 g/33 g


9 g/5 g


1.5 g/1 g

- of which saturated fat

0.25 g/0.15 g

- monounsaturated fat

0.2 g/0.1 g

- polyunsaturated fat

1 g/0.5 g

Dietary fibre

6.5 g/4 g

Allergen content





Last revised: 09/06/23, Published: 24/05/23