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Hverdager 9 - 15


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Man-tor kl 10 - 14
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Food is not just food: Somalia

Hamdi from Stovner in Oslo offers up classic Somali beef stew with cornbread, bashiyo and samosa.

Healthy tips

Clinical nutritionist Insaf Zerouga gives the following tips to Hamdi:

  • It is a good idea to start the meal with vegetables or fruit. Then you will be a little full, without adding many calories.
  • Replacing red meat with fish and chicken is very good for health.
  • Avoid deep-frying, bake in the oven instead.
  • Also watch the amount of oil you use. One teaspoon per serving is often enough. Use vegetable oils such as olive or rapeseed oil.
  • Make the food yourself from scratch. Then you can reduce the amount of oil, salt and sugar yourself.
  • Add wholegrain flour when you make muufo bread. It will be both healthier and more filling.